A knowing independent of beliefs

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We shall revisit the existential questions of human kingdom in this article. While the content here is nothing new or mysterious in terms of its pointers to the obvious (which has been communicated gracefully in the past by our ancestors), I have made a sincere attempt to organize the words which may serve well for the current conditioning of minds. We have settled and accepted the norms of materialistic interpretation of who we are and the world we interact with. Even though there is no ultimatum given, we are quite content with the dead end and the mystery that has been hanging around. It is true, a human mind is limited to know the finite world, thankfully! This should make us humble while we appreciate the magnificence of the infinite creation.

     Going back to existential questions might not be of importance to you now, for life has taken care of your needs and requirement just about alright and you have no regrets, which is great! But please note that it is only fair to investigate our true nature honestly once we have taken the form of a human being. We are free to embrace the concepts from outside and rationalize the understanding or look into our nature of existence without crowding the intellect or with arrogance to know things conceptually. You need to understand that what the human minds are looking for cannot be comprehended by the finite and especially with the limited identity of ourselves in material dimension.

     Since we are used to the attitude of what’s in it for me, I am sorry to say this, but the goal here is to get rid of me as an individual experiencer and there is absolutely nothing for you. The result is you will expand in existence and love and peace, big words right, this will happen only when seen from intuition and not via the limited mind. I will not be taking a scientific route in this writing for now. We can find a load of content which gives perspectives and ideas of the nature of reality online. Most of these assume the seemingly right paradigm of subject, object relationship and how the neuro chemical reactions in the brain have an answer. So basically, a bunch of observable phenomena and concepts to know yourself and the world. However, here I would like to take the direction with something more primary and experience-based investigation. This might seem like another philosophy initially, which it is, as a mental understanding, however the pointers should bypass the hardship of understanding more. While we accept it or not, we are living our everyday life basis a philosophy, that is – “as soon as you wake up you look at the world as me and that, or in general, our conditioned philosophy of materialism/separateness”. The pointers will be independent of the conceptual knowing and holds true no matter what belief systems you have been using to run your life. So, my suggestion is let’s not give any labels like materialism, spirituality, religious, science etc. for these words are abused in the current society and has lost its sanctity. I will be careful in using these words and appropriately only if the context demands.

      A closer look reveals that you are not in the body, but the body is in you. Not just that, everything you have witnessed or experienced and are experiencing now and will experience was in you. Now this might sound absurd or “really? Okay, so what?”. Well, this implies you are God. There you go I said that you are the G word. You are this planet and every galaxy that exists etc.… Every sage, mystic, Godmen whatever you want to call them, in the past has tried to send you to your original state, while your own maya has been too good in deceiving you to make you believe that you are this limited movement of body-mind complex. This realization is not a rare event or extremely difficult, it is so simple that your mind will not dare to go there. It loves the complexity and its solutions, perpetuating the play. In general, you can call this non phenomenal event as self-realization or awakening. Who would you be without the belief systems you have, that I am this body and this character in the story of my life? We will subtly and with an open mind reflect in this article and in the coming ones.

     You might be familiar with the sentence I am not this body; I am not this mind or, the original sin is identifying yourself with this body and ego (Any narrative of who you are). Now, there is no denial that you experience the bodily sensations and the mental commentaries. There is a world which plays out, in which you are a stake holder. So, if you are not these sensations and bag of thoughts, who are you? Well, you are the one aware of them, the ground zero, the unborn dimensionless and other escalations! Seriously, there is this one knowledge called self-knowledge which is so pristine and pure that no concepts can explain it. Few brave ones in the past including Krishna, Jesus, Shankaracharya etc. gave it a try and now we have institutions built around their pointing’s. If you drop all that you have learnt and simply look who is here now and knows the next question you are ready to ask, the formless awareness is revealed. I am (formless awareness) is inevitably revealed and it is the same knower in all the creatures not only in this planet, but in every manifested being in this infinite ocean of galaxies, every alien you call is your own being. We are the means through which infinity knows its own potential. We are the kinetic aspect of the infinite potential. We are both the Shiva and Shakti, the Yin and the Yang, the father and the son. It always looks like two, it is neither two nor one, it just IS. Surrender to the play and manifest the fresh now from infinity, this is where true creativity lies.

     While I acknowledge the usage of certain religious and spiritual terms, please be assured that I use them in their purest form and will provide a reasoning when I do. To end this reading, please look if you are here and present when you drop every concept and thoughts and just aware of the sounds and physical forms and sensations? Who knows this, what if you never knew the current biology or scientific explanation? The self-discovery is the most precious gift you can give to yourself, and this does not need any new conceptual framework. You can integrate and realize while still acknowledging and appreciating the current science and technological world we live in.

Above is an image which keeps awareness (All in Black) as the zero and everything else is known from there. Other color blocks arise from awareness and is never apart from it at any point in the apparent space and time. Take some time to read these blocks. Just look at this experientially and see if it is true that anything you know, you are first here to know it. Of course, this needs to be evolved further to say that you are independent of what is known. This is in classical Vedanta known as Neti-Neti (I am Not this) approach or as Jesus says “Examine yourself & understand who you are… Whoever does not know self, does not know anything. But whoever knows self, has acquired the knowledge of the universe.”. While eliminating who you are not is the first step, it is important to include all the experience and recognize your true nature in the midst of the worldly appearance. To emphasize again, this is not something mystical or meant for the chosen ones. This is your birth right and the simplest knowledge which does not require another mental conditioning. This is extremely scientific in approach and in line with the discoveries made in the field of quantum physics, namely wave particle duality and quantum tunneling.